Daniel Shipp – Botanical Inquiry

Daniel is a Sydney based assignment and fine art photographer. His intuitive ability to manipulate light, emotion and story has enabled him to produce authentic and evocative imagery across the broad range of subject matter he has photographed since graduating from Sydney College of the Arts in 2001.

He has recently completed photographing “The House and Garden at Glenmore” – an 18 month long book project for Murdoch Books. During this time his series ‘Botanical Inquiry’ was exhibited multiple times in Australia and Singapore, earning him a high commendation in the Bowness Photographic Prize 2015 and first prize in the Fine Art : Still Life category of the 2015 International Photography Awards.
Daniel Shipp: Creating this series was a wonderful and authentic way for me to reconnect with plants. I became “that” person – awkwardly haunting back laneways with secateurs and a Woolies bag (black, and less noticeable than Coles green ones) trying to look inconspicuous as I re-appropriated interesting flora found on private and public property.

All of the images were created in the studio, and they look pretty much as they came out of the camera. I wanted to exercise a photographic process, not a retouching one. The technique I developed was inspired by Viewmaster 3D slides and Disney animation technology from the 1950’s.

Limited edition prints of the Botanical Inquiry series by Daniel Shipp are available for purchase. Please contact Daniel here.

To see larger images, check out Daniel’s website.