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Kenta Torii – The Salmadragon

From childhood, Kenta Torii has been drawn towards painting and soccer. His aspiration to become a professional player took him to Brazil in 1999, an opportunity that granted him a different perspective of art in Latin America.

In 2001, he decided to go back to Japan and dedicate himself completely to art. In 2002 he was accepted into YMCA academy in Hiroshima, where he assisted different courses focused on art and in 2004 he was accepted into Hijiyama University, but felt the need to find something beyond an institution and decided to leave school.

Kenta Torii’s vibrant paintings are a striking blend of traditional imagery and contemporary sensibilities. The Japan-born artist, who has been based in Mexico for more than a decade, offers this in both traditional works and murals. WIthin these works are also hints of tattoo and street culture, integrated into his fantastical creatures and scenes.