Krzysztof Skórczewski – Ruins of the mind

Born in Kraków in 1947. In the years 1965–1971 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow under the tutelage of Professors Adam Marczyński, Mieczysław Wejman, Włodzimierz Kunz and Franciszek Bunsch.

When he first graduated from the Printmaking Department in 1971, he was interested in linocut and graphic design. But, in 1976, while studying at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, he became interested in copperplate engraving. Since then, he has created over 210 copperplate engravings, some of them in series, “The Tower of Babel”, “Building the Ark”, “Dolls”, and “Gardens”, as examples.

Together with his wife, Krzysztof Skórczewski runs a graphic workshop in Kraków from which all of his copperplate engravings originate, and since the mid-1990s he has also created series of works using pastels, and watercolors.

He has received many awards and distinctions. His works are in dozens of renowned collections in around the world—some contain his entire oeuvre. He has exhibited his works in over 60 individual shows, as well as over two hundred collective (group) exhibitions—in both his home country, and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, and the USA.)

In the years 1995–2003, Krzysztof Skórczewski was Professor at the European Academy of the Arts in Warsaw. He worked also as a visiting Professor at the Utah State University (USA). Currently, he is a Professor at the University of Rzeszów, where he runs the Graphic Workshop at its Institute of Fine Arts. Member of Societe des Peintres-Graveurs Francais and of Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences.


“An artist must be more than just an artist; one must also be a philosopher, so as to not succumb to panic when facing the most cruel of all powers – Time. When he, Time, in a matter of moments or days, destroys one thing and transforms the other, annihilates seemingly unfaltering convictions, dispels moods – doing your own thing is of utmost importance.”

Krzysztof Skórczewski