Martin Woodtli The world of a techno graphic designer

This young Swiss Graphic Designer jumps the boundaries between architecture, art and product/graphic design. Disregarding Swiss etiquette Martin Woodtli is not one to stick to conventions. Far beyond the “allowed”, respectable rules of graphic design he happily throws various tools and techniques, CAD, isometric images and a whole bunch of special colours into a big, fat pot.And then gives this extravagant primeval soup another quick stir. Oblivious of cost and context Woodtli has developed his own decadent pictorial language: with seductive, misleading ease and snickering at the do’s and dont’s others take for granted he jumps the boundaries between architecture, art and product graphic design. Martin Woodtli’s works stand out in the category of graphic design. Woodtli exhausts the manifold possibilities that computer technology, print techniques and colors offer. He unconventionally uses 3D-software to create dynamic, extremely detailed, constructed and colorful 3D-graphics. Combined with multilayered vector graphics colors and presented isometrically, Woodtli’s unique aesthetics and very own microcosm speak their own experimental and futuristic language.

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