Michiel Schuurman – psychedelic typography

Schuurman’s personal work specializes in typography and poster design which often boasts a rather maximalistic approach. His practice of combining bright colors, warped glyphs, harsh perspectives, and acidic patterns creates some awfully intriguing eye-candy, which he often screen prints himself.

Michiel is a print designer for Vlisco since january 2012.

Michiel designs work that is hard to ignore. He keeps on trying out different shapes, colours and techniques. A process which continuos while he is screen printing his designs himself. According to him, every starting designer should have a client for whom you work for free and who in return gives you the freedom to develop your own style. Michiel studied graphic and typographical design for two years at the Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Den Haag before transferring to the Rietveld Academy. He graduated there in 2002. After his study he worked together with Floor Wesseling in a studio called IXOPUSADA. In 2005 he decided to go solo. Which helped him to focus and develop his own style. Which can be described as: “Highly contrasting colourfull typographical eye-benders”


Michiel Schuurman website