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Mitsuo Katsui – contemporary Japanese Posters

Mitsuo Katsui was born in Tokyo, Japan on September 6, 1931. He graduated from Tokyo University in Department of Education in 1955 and then took postgraduate course in design and photography. His career started at Ajinomoto in 1956. He became a freelance in 1961. He is specialized in design of maps, diagram and calendar with creating an abstract form. He has received numerous awards including AAC Award, the Mainichi Industrial Design Award, the Kodansha Cultural Publishing Prize, the Minister of Education Prize for the Arts, a Purple Ribbon Medal, as well as numerous gold prizes from international organizations and events such as Brno Book, the Warsaw, Lahti, and Mexico Poster Biennials, and the NY ADC.

A vibrant and pop color of Katsui’s work makes his work look outstanding even from far away. The different kinds of abstract form give a pleasant surprise to the viewer. He has done man of posters, books, calendars and many more. If you interested to see more of his work please check his website. He is an emeritus professor of Musashino Art University, a JAGDA director, and member of the Tokyo, AGI and New York Art Directors Clubs.

Mitsuo Katsui website