Renzo Picasso – cloudscratchers

Renzo Picasso (1880–1975) was an Italian architect, engineer, and urban planner and designer.
He was the author of the early twentieth century utopian projects for the city of Genoa, such as that for the Piazza de Ferrari, which suggested a development in height for those urban and metropolitan cities with a population of three million inhabitants or more.

His numerous projects for skyscrapers (or rather the “cloudscratchers” as he used to call the high rising towers he dreamt to build, “grattanuvole”) are set in a context of wide open spaces to ease human socialisation. He was also the inventor of machines and devices characterized by the use of advanced technologies, such as the Motovol and the auto-scafopattino.

Special thanks to the people at Renzo Picasso Archive for being so kind to share his beautiful works with us.
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