Serge Pellé – Orbital

Serge Pelle studied graphic design until 1989, doing his first comics work in 1993. He worked on TV set design, and game design at Ubisoft until (after a few failed projects) Dupuis called to offer him Orbital. He had already developed a technique for designing fictional worlds when he worked on the science-fiction TV series Malo Korrigan. Pelle starts with a simple sketch, and works out the colour. He then elaborates using gouache, and acrylic with oil pastels. The work is then scanned into a computer which Pelle uses to fine tune the colour and other elements of the drawing. He considers the computer to be a tool that is complimentary to his design work, rather than being dominated by the technology.

Subsequently, Pellé worked for theatre, video games and animation. He did the designs for the serial ‘Malo Korrigan’ and the storyboards for ‘Kaputt & Zosky’. In 2006 he teamed up with Sylvain Runberg to create the series ‘Orbital’, that is published by Dupuis.

Pelle feels science-fiction is a good framework with which to tell a story. There are rules to the genre which can be used or broken as needed: for Pelle it is a backdrop on which to graft the story. Pelle’s influences include movies like Blade Runner, Brazil, Scanners, Videodrome, Star Wars, Alien, The Matrix, and Akira. In comics he likes Heavy Metal and in literature Edgar Allen Poe, Lovecraft, and Jules Verne.