Simon Stalenhag – sci-fi suburbia

Growing up in the countryside just outside Stockholm, artist and designer Simon Stalenhag had always been enchanted by the natural beauty of the Swedish landscape. It’s how he became interested in art as a kid: by drawing and painting scenery and animals in the vein of his favorite traditional Swedish artists, like Gunnar Brusewitz and Lars Jonsson. Years later, he’s turned that talent into a career, and he’s still painting those same landscapes — except now they’re full of robots and dinosaurs.

He creates pieces with this dystopian world in mind, Stalenhag says the backstory was originally inspired by his work, not the other way around. ”I began doing them as a hobby project in my spare time, with no back story or plan at all,” explains Stalenhag. “As time went by, and more and more pieces were added to my website, though, all these ideas concerning the world of the pictures accumulated in my head. So I started to write down everything and come up with a consistent back story, which helped me a lot in creating new material.”

Each of his works is created digitally with the same tablet he uses for his paid work on films, commercials and video game concepts (including a retro platformer called Ripple Dot Zero, a pet project he developed and released for free with childhood friend Tommy Salmonsson). And whether it involves an allosaurus stopping a van in the middle of the road or some kids hanging around a cliff overlooking a set of looming, hazily glowing factory towers, each digital work looks like an oil painting, each stroke painstakingly hand-brushed, each stroke over canvas — or perhaps a still from a forthcoming Pixar flick.
Source – Wired

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