Algorithmic art

Tim Hodkinson – Phantom energy

I am a stay at home dad in my forties with an interest in algorithmic art. Although I took art in high school and two creative writing classes in university, I have no real training or relevant professional experience and consider myself a hobbyist.I discovered algorithmic art in the year 2000 when I first started using the internet and began using the graphical effects and filters in the GIMP to make webpage graphics and seamless tiles. My experience with fractals began in 2002 with Sterlingware and has always revolved around the simpler, one-layer programs. While I’ve tried out many algorithmic art programs, the only ones I’ve really used productively have been: Sterlingware; Inkblot Kaos; Tierazon; Xaos; Fyre; Fractal ViZion; Kandid; Capow; and combinations of photoshop filters, a process I call “clickism”. I began blogging in 2005 and co-founded Orbit Trap in August of 2006. I enjoy commenting on fractal art and reviewing artwork and trends.